They fall quite strong, is it safe?

This sport is totally safe, plastic bubble completely covers the head and legs to the knees, and knees are covered with knee pads, plus there is always a charge monitor the proper use of material.

Do I have a football field available, we can play here?

No problem, we only need minimal in facilities, access to a plug to inflate bubbles, nearby parking and availability of facilities 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the event to inflate, deflate bubbles also 25 € will be deducted for each hour of play

What is the minimum number of players per game?

The minimum is 8 (4vs4) however, if you want play less for pleasure, the minimum hourly rate is 192€ game.

And if we are few and we want to play a game against strangers?

We can organize games for social networks, with other groups or play in a tournament or special event we organize.

Do I need to make a deposit of € 100 for booking a party?

It is absolutely necessary, and that we have to reserve sports facilities and this entails a cost, without the corresponding deposit will not be valid reservation.

Do the instructors speak English?

Yes, we are prepared!

What if it rains?

It is a different and fun experience as much bubble sliding on the grass, probadla! I am sure you will love.

Can we choose any field of the web?

We live in an area where there is a huge passion for football, and that makes often the fields are already occupied, so it all depends on the availability of the same, can that is free at that time, can that day to this time the busy but this free and change other field or wait for them another day that field is free, everything always to your taste;).

You can play minors?

Minors can always play that meet the following criteria: From 9-13 years, they can play against each other if they have similar size, aged 13 could play with adults if they are bigger than 1,50m and almost 50kg.

Do I get my money if I make a cancellation?

This is not possible since we have to pay to book the football pitch.

What if it's raining or hailing?

If a cancellation is requested party, the full amount of the reservation will be refunded.

What if we're late for a party?

The field is reserved for a specific time, which the party end up at the agreed time, we recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to warm and not suffer an injury, so we can use the time to 100%

Can I do what I want during the game?

There will always be a monitor with you, explaining the rules of games and things that can not be done because they can be dangerous to your health and the material.

What if I do not obey the rules of conduct?

If a participant violates the rules of behavior and treatment mentioned by the monitor when it comes to the material and the other participants, this may be ejected from the game.

Are there other ways to play?

If! In addition to playing football, we can go bowling, survivor, dodgeball, sumo, knocks the captain ... All of them in bubble XXL version. And if you think of another game, we will put into practice too.

Do you have permission to perform these activities?

We are discharged in the regime of self-employed and have the proper liability insurance established for these activities, and the approval of each of the municipalities where we conduct our activities.

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